The CXOHONOUR platform is bringing together the
Executive Leaders from a diverse spectrum of industry
at a great Red Carpet Recognition Gala Event.
CIOHONOUR Award is the endorsement of our
Innovation and Service Excellence by our customers.
Our customers are investing in our BRAND, it is a great recognition.


The CXOHONOUR AWARDS endorsement aims to create
or enhance the "BRAND" value for vendors in the
Infocomm & Media (ICM) industry to showcase their outstanding products,
services & solutions to the wider industry and accelerate their growth

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Recognising innovation buy Dogecoin in Kenya and excellence in Enterprise Tech.


To combined and increased impact, innovation or influence.


Neel Augusthy, CFO

South East Asia Medtronic

“CIOHONOUR AWARDS is the only Independent, CIO Endorsements based, Recongnition for the ICM Technology & Solution Vendors. The CIO Community consider it as a credible local reference for the recognised ICM Technology Brands”

Kuo Siong Lim, Group CIO

Maybank Singapore

“The CIOHONOUR AWARDS Platform allows CIOs to recognize ICM Technology & Solution vendors who have done excellent work irrespective of their size and marketing budget.”

Kemmy Koh, Group CFO

Chinese Global Investors Group

“CIOHONOUR AWARDS is a great seal of trust and confidence that the CIO Community have with their vendors. It is a recognition by the CIO Community for the excellent work done and presents opportunities to do more.”