CXOHONOUR® is designed to facilitate exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices amongst industry leading CXOs, helping them repeatedly drive successful outcomes.


CXOHONOUR® provides opportunities for the CXOs and customer-centric Vendors to network in a relaxed environment, forge new relationships and build long-term partnerships.


CXOHONOUR® is the first and only platform to enable Infocomm & Media Vendors to achieve recognition and accolades for their outstanding commitment to service quality and professionalism.

CXOHONOUR® is a very powerful platform for vendors in the Infocomm & Media (ICM) sector to promote and market their products, services and solutions to the C-level suite (CXO) within the enterprises.

This online endorsement platform is uniquely positioned to capture the preferences and the opinions of the relevant CXOs about their ICM vendors. A direct outcome of the CXOHONOUR® platform is to determine the most preferred vendors for critical ICM categories for a specific market/geography. These leading vendors are then bestowed with HONOUR® AWARDS to create a positive brand positioning for their products, solutions & services.

CXOHONOUR® is the ICM industry’s first truly unbiased endorsement platform that differentiates itself from the rest by its truly democratic approach. This platform will help the ICM vendors stand out among their competitors since it is an endorsement by the CXOs exhibiting the trust and confidence with their vendors. The CXOHONOUR® AWARDS endorsement is an honour that industry CXOs can trust as it is perceived as the overall CXO community’s endorsement based on peer recommendations.

CXOHONOUR step-by-step

Forming the
Advisory Council

We invite Industry Leading CXOs to join our independent advisory council.

Vendors register
for ICM categories

Vendors are invited to register their Products, Services and Solutions for ICM categories. The categories cover
a wide range of segments within the infocomm and media industry.

Online Poll

CXOs across the various industry verticals are invited to participate in an Online Poll. The Online Poll requires the
participants to endorse their preferred and most valued vendors for the specific ICM categories.

Validation & Endorsement
by the Advisory Council

The independent Advisory Council reviews and validates the results of the Online Poll to determine the winning vendors for the more popular ICM categories.

Recognition and Awards

The CXOHONOUR AWARDS RECEPTION brings together the leaders of from across the ICM community to honour and celebrate the success with leading Vendors who have been given their Vote of Trust & Confidence by the CXO community.